Schedule & Results, North London Classic 2018, 2018-2019 (North London Nationals Hockey)

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Friday, November 16, 2018
Pool B (XOVER)MDB110:00 AMCAR-A Oakville Rangers4-5Halton Hills Thunder
HL_BBHLB110:30 AMCAR-B North London Nationals B83-6North London Nationals A8
MD_AAMDA110:45 AMWF-TONY Forest Hill Selects (Blue)1-6Brampton 45's
HL_MAAHLMA111:00 AMCAR-A North London Nationals 132-6North London Nationals 23
MD_AAMDA211:00 AMWF-CITY Strathroy Jr Rockets5-1North London Nationals
Pool BHLP111:15 AMWF-HANS West London Hawks A63-1North London Nationals B6
HL_BBHLB211:30 AMCAR-B West London Hawks A81-4London Bandits C8
Pool AHLP211:30 AMWF-COL North London Nationals A62-1Oakridge Aeros A6
HL_MBAHLMB111:45 AMWF-TONY North London Nationals 276-1Meadowvale M85
HL_MAAHLMA212:00 PMCAR-A West London Hawks 1310-0Oakville Ravens
Pool BHLMP112:00 PMWF-CITY London Bandits 453-3North London Nationals 25
Pool AHLMP212:15 PMWF-HANS London Bandits 352-2North London Nationals 15
HL_AAHLA112:30 PMCAR-B Oak Ridges 4-1North London Nationals A4
Pool AHLMP312:30 PMWF-COL Oakville Red Hawks0-2Oakridge Aeros 15
MD_MPAMDMP112:45 PMWF-TONY Whitby Wildcats - White4-1Oakville Stingers
HL_AAHLA21:00 PMCAR-A North London Nationals C41-9West London Hawks D4
HL_NBHLN21:15 PMWF-HANS Waterloo Wolves #43-3North London Nationals A2
HL_AAHLA31:30 PMWF-COL Junior Cougars Red Wings0-6North London Nationals B4
Pool B (XOVER)MDB21:30 PMCAR-B West London Hawks3-5Barrie Colts
Pool BHLMP41:45 PMWF-TONY Oakville Wolves3-4Oakville Ogres
HL_MBAHLMB22:00 PMWF-CITY Oakville Vikings0-8North London Nationals 17
MD_MBAMDMB12:15 PMWF-HANS Heartland Dragons0-6Halton Hills Thunder
MD_MBAMDMB22:30 PMWF-COL Hamilton Huskies White0-3Waterloo Wolves Black
MD_MPAMDMP22:30 PMCAR-B Heartland Dragons0-12North London Nationals
MD_MBAMDMB32:45 PMWF-TONY North London Nationals2-1St Catharines Hurricanes
HL_NBHLN13:00 PMCAR-A West London Hawks B23-2North London Nationals B2
MD_AAMDA33:00 PMWF-CITY Stouffville Clippers1-6Strathroy Jr Rockets
MD_MPAMDMP33:15 PMWF-HANS Markham Waxers - White8-1Oakville Panthers
Pool A (XOVER)MDB43:30 PMWF-COL Aurora Tigers2-3North London Nationals
Pool A (XOVER)MDB34:00 PMWF-CITY Halton Hills Thunder 5-7Hamilton Huskies
HL_BBHLB34:15 PMWF-HANS North London Nationals B81-0London Bandits C8
HL_BBHLB44:45 PMWF-TONY Oakville Vikings0-4West London Hawks A8
Pool BHLMM15:00 PMWF-CITY Oakridge Aeros 297-1North London Nationals 29
Pool AHLP35:15 PMWF-HANS West London Hawks C68-0Oakville Rangers
HL_MAAHLMA35:30 PMCAR-B Oakville Gators2-2London Bandits 13
Pool BHLP45:30 PMWF-COL London Bandits B61-1North London Nationals C6
Pool AHLMM36:30 PMWF-COL London Bandits 193-2North London Nationals 19
MD_AAMDA46:30 PMCAR-B North London Nationals15-0Forest Hill Selects (Blue)
Pool BHLMM46:45 PMWF-TONY Oak Ridges 1-1Walden IDA Jets
MD_AAMDA57:00 PMCAR-A Brampton 45's0-4Stouffville Clippers
Pool BMDMM17:00 PMWF-CITY Oakville Predators (Leito)4-4Stouffville Clippers
Pool AHLMM27:15 PMWF-HANS Nobleking Knights3-0Barrie Colts - Black
Pool A (XOVER)MDB57:30 PMCAR-B Aurora Tigers7-4Oakville Rangers
Pool AMDMM27:30 PMWF-COL North London Nationals4-4Milton Winterhawks
Pool BMDMM37:45 PMWF-TONY Brantford 99ers0-1Sarnia Jr Sting
HL_MBHLM18:00 PMWF-CITY London Bandits A92-2North Middlesex Jr Stars - Silver
Pool A (XOVER)MDB68:00 PMCAR-A Barrie Colts0-1North London Nationals
Pool AMDMM48:15 PMWF-HANS Guelph Gryphons1-2Halton Hills Thunder
HL_MBHLM28:30 PMCAR-B North London Nationals E94-2Oak Ridges Kings
HL_MBHLM38:30 PMWF-COL Richmond Hill #12-3North London Nationals C9
HL_BBHLB58:45 PMWF-TONY North London Nationals A85-2Oakville Vikings
Saturday, November 17, 2018
HL_NBHLN37:00 AMWF-CITY Waterloo Wolves #42-7West London Hawks B2
HL_NBHLN47:15 AMWF-HANS North London Nationals A21-1North London Nationals B2
HL_MAAHLMA47:30 AMARG-B Oakville Ravens0-9London Bandits 13
MD_AAMDA67:30 AMCAR-B Strathroy Jr Rockets13-0Forest Hill Selects (Blue)
HL_MAAHLMA57:45 AMWF-TONY West London Hawks 133-3North London Nationals 23
HL_MAAHLMA68:00 AMWF-CITY Oakville Gators8-0North London Nationals 13
HL_AAHLA48:15 AMWF-HANS North London Nationals C42-3North London Nationals B4
HL_AAHLA58:30 AMWF-COL Oak Ridges 14-2Junior Cougars Red Wings
MD_MPAMDMP48:30 AMARG-B North London Nationals3-0Oakville Panthers
MD_AAMDA78:45 AMWF-TONY Brampton 45's0-7North London Nationals
Pool AHLMP59:00 AMWF-CITY North London Nationals 154-0Oakridge Aeros 15
Pool BHLMP69:15 AMWF-HANS North London Nationals 255-1Oakville Ogres
Pool BHLMP79:30 AMARG-B London Bandits 455-0Oakville Wolves
MD_MBAMDMB49:30 AMCAR-B Halton Hills Thunder1-7Waterloo Wolves Black
MD_MPAMDMP59:30 AMWF-COL Oakville Stingers3-4Heartland Dragons
Pool AHLMP89:45 AMWF-TONY London Bandits 355-2Oakville Red Hawks
Pool AHLP510:00 AMWF-CITY Oakville Rangers0-5Oakridge Aeros A6
Pool AHLP610:15 AMWF-HANS West London Hawks C65-2North London Nationals A6
HL_AAHLA610:30 AMCAR-B West London Hawks D42-2North London Nationals A4
Pool BHLP710:30 AMWF-COL North London Nationals B61-2North London Nationals C6
Pool BHLP810:30 AMARG-B West London Hawks A60-5London Bandits B6
HL_MBAHLMB310:45 AMWF-TONY Meadowvale M853-4North London Nationals 17
HL_MBAHLMB411:00 AMWF-CITY North London Nationals 275-2Oakville Vikings
MD_MBAMDMB511:00 AMARG-A St Catharines Hurricanes 2-2Heartland Dragons
MD_MBAMDMB611:00 AMCAR-A Hamilton Huskies White4-3North London Nationals
HL_BBHLB611:15 AMWF-HANS West London Hawks A81-2North London Nationals B8
Pool AMDMM511:30 AMCAR-B Halton Hills Thunder2-1Milton Winterhawks
MD_MPAMDMP611:30 AMARG-B Markham Waxers - White2-2Whitby Wildcats - White
Pool AMDMM611:45 AMWF-TONY Guelph Gryphons2-6North London Nationals
Pool AHLMM512:00 PMCAR-A Barrie Colts - Black2-4North London Nationals 19
MD_AAMDA812:00 PMARG-A Stouffville Clippers11-1Forest Hill Selects (Blue)
Pool BMDMM712:00 PMWF-CITY Stouffville Clippers0-4Sarnia Jr Sting
HL_MAAHLMA712:15 PMWF-HANS London Bandits 131-3North London Nationals 13
Pool AHLMM612:30 PMARG-B Nobleking Knights2-0London Bandits 19
Pool BHLMM712:30 PMCAR-B North London Nationals 290-12Walden IDA Jets
Pool BHLMM812:45 PMWF-TONY Oakridge Aeros 294-1Oak Ridges
HL_MBHLM61:00 PMWF-CITY North London Nationals E90-3North Middlesex Jr Stars - Silver
Pool BMDMM81:00 PMARG-A Oakville Predators (Leito)2-9Brantford 99ers
Pool B (XOVER)MDB71:15 PMWF-HANS Hamilton Huskies1-0Aurora Tigers
HL_BBHLB71:30 PMARG-B London Bandits C81-2North London Nationals A8
MD_AAMDA91:30 PMWF-COL Brampton 45's0-9Strathroy Jr Rockets
HL_MBHLM51:45 PMWF-TONY Richmond Hill #15-0London Bandits A9
HL_MBHLM42:00 PMARG-A Oak Ridges Kings2-5North London Nationals C9
Pool A (XOVER)MDB82:00 PMCAR-A Halton Hills Thunder 1-4West London Hawks
MD_MPAMDMP72:00 PMWF-CITY Oakville Stingers2-8North London Nationals
HL_NBHLN52:30 PMARG-B North London Nationals B22-4Waterloo Wolves #4
HL_NBHLN62:30 PMCAR-B West London Hawks B26-1North London Nationals A2
Pool BHLP92:30 PMWF-COL London Bandits B64-3North London Nationals B6
Pool A (XOVER)MDB93:00 PMCAR-A Barrie Colts5-0Oakville Rangers
Pool AHLP103:15 PMWF-HANS Oakridge Aeros A63-3West London Hawks C6
HL_AAHLA73:30 PMCAR-B North London Nationals B42-2West London Hawks D4
HL_BBHLB83:30 PMWF-COL Oakville Vikings0-5North London Nationals B8
HL_MAAHLMA83:30 PMARG-B West London Hawks 132-5Oakville Gators
Pool BHLP113:45 PMWF-TONY North London Nationals C61-3West London Hawks A6
Pool BHLMP104:00 PMCAR-A Oakville Wolves0-6North London Nationals 25
Pool BHLMP94:00 PMWF-CITY Oakville Ogres1-7London Bandits 45
MD_MBAMDMB74:00 PMARG-A Waterloo Wolves Black3-0North London Nationals
HL_MBAHLMB64:15 PMWF-HANS North London Nationals 174-2North London Nationals 27
HL_AAHLA84:30 PMARG-B North London Nationals C40-3Oak Ridges
Pool AHLMP114:30 PMCAR-B Oakridge Aeros 151-1London Bandits 35
MD_AAMDA104:30 PMWF-COL North London Nationals2-5Stouffville Clippers
Pool AHLMP124:45 PMWF-TONY Oakville Red Hawks1-7North London Nationals 15
HL_AAHLA95:00 PMCAR-A North London Nationals A47-0Junior Cougars Red Wings
Pool AHLP125:00 PMWF-CITY North London Nationals A67-1Oakville Rangers
Pool AMDMM95:00 PMARG-A North London Nationals5-2Halton Hills Thunder
MD_MBAMDMB85:15 PMWF-HANS Heartland Dragons1-1Hamilton Huskies White
HL_MBAHLMB55:30 PMWF-COL Oakville Vikings1-2Meadowvale M85
Pool AHLMM95:30 PMCAR-B London Bandits 194-6Barrie Colts - Black
Pool BMDMM105:30 PMARG-B Sarnia Jr Sting6-1Oakville Predators (Leito)
Pool AHLMM105:45 PMWF-TONY North London Nationals 193-5Nobleking Knights
HL_MAAHLMA96:00 PMCAR-A North London Nationals 237-0Oakville Ravens
Pool BHLMM116:00 PMARG-A Oak Ridges 8-2North London Nationals 29
MD_MPAMDMP86:00 PMWF-CITY Heartland Dragons0-12Markham Waxers - White
Pool AMDMM116:15 PMWF-HANS Milton Winterhawks5-0Guelph Gryphons
HL_MBHLM76:30 PMCAR-B North Middlesex Jr Stars - Silver2-3Oak Ridges Kings
HL_MBHLM86:30 PMARG-B North London Nationals C94-0London Bandits A9
Pool BMDMM126:30 PMWF-COL Brantford 99ers4-1Stouffville Clippers
HL_BBHLB96:45 PMWF-TONY North London Nationals A82-3West London Hawks A8
Pool BHLMM127:00 PMWF-CITY Walden IDA Jets3-3Oakridge Aeros 29
MD_MPAMDMP97:00 PMARG-A Oakville Panthers1-6Whitby Wildcats - White
HL_MBHLM97:15 PMWF-HANS Richmond Hill #11-1North London Nationals E9
MD_MBAMDMB97:30 PMWF-COL St Catharines Hurricanes 2-2Halton Hills Thunder
Pool B (XOVER)MDB107:45 PMWF-TONY West London Hawks2-1Aurora Tigers
HL_BBHLB108:00 PMWF-CITY London Bandits C88-2Oakville Vikings
Pool B (XOVER)MDB118:15 PMWF-HANS Hamilton Huskies2-1Barrie Colts
Pool B (XOVER)MDB128:30 PMWF-COL North London Nationals7-0Halton Hills Thunder
Sunday, November 18, 2018
CHMPHLA107:00 AMWF-CITY North London Nationals A43-0Oak Ridges
CHMPHLA117:15 AMWF-HANS West London Hawks D43-6North London Nationals B4
CHMPHLMA107:30 AMWF-COL West London Hawks 135-1Oakville Gators
CHMPHLMA117:45 AMWF-TONY London Bandits 130-4North London Nationals 23
CHMPHLMP138:00 AMWF-CITY North London Nationals 254-3North London Nationals 15
CHMPHLMP148:15 AMWF-HANS London Bandits 350-1London Bandits 45
CHMPMDA118:30 AMWF-COL Brampton 45's0-9Strathroy Jr Rockets
CHMPMDA128:45 AMWF-TONY North London Nationals3-2Stouffville Clippers
CHMPHLP139:00 AMWF-CITY West London Hawks A63-4West London Hawks C6
CHMPHLP149:15 AMWF-HANS North London Nationals A64-3London Bandits B6
CHMPMDMP109:30 AMWF-COL Heartland Dragons1-7North London Nationals
CHMPMDMP119:45 AMWF-TONY Whitby Wildcats - White0-4Markham Waxers - White
CHMPHLB1110:00 AMWF-CITY London Bandits C83-2North London Nationals B8
CHMPMDMM1310:00 AMSTRA Brantford 99ers4-1North London Nationals
CHMPHLB1210:15 AMWF-HANS West London Hawks A82-1North London Nationals A8
CHMPMDMB1010:30 AMWF-COL North London Nationals1-4Waterloo Wolves Black
CHMPMDMM1410:30 AMSTRB Halton Hills Thunder1-2Sarnia Jr Sting
CHMPMDMB1110:45 AMWF-TONY Hamilton Huskies White0-4Halton Hills Thunder
CHMPHLMM1311:00 AMSTRA Walden IDA Jets8-2Nobleking Knights
CHMPMDB1411:00 AMWF-CITY Hamilton Huskies3-2North London Nationals
CHMPMDB1311:15 AMWF-HANS Aurora Tigers3-4Barrie Colts
CHMPHLMM1411:30 AMSTRB North London Nationals 193-6Oakridge Aeros 29
CHMPHLM1012:00 PMSTRA North London Nationals E91-4North London Nationals C9
CHMPHLMA1212:00 PMWF-CITY North London Nationals 232-1West London Hawks 13
CHMPHLA1212:15 PMWF-COL North London Nationals A40-2North London Nationals B4
CHMPHLM1112:30 PMSTRB North Middlesex Jr Stars - Silver1-3Richmond Hill #1
CHMPMDA1312:45 PMWF-TONY North London Nationals1-4Strathroy Jr Rockets
CHMPHLN71:00 PMWF-CITY Waterloo Wolves #42-4West London Hawks B2
CHMPHLMP151:15 PMWF-HANS London Bandits 451-3North London Nationals 25
CHMPMDMP121:30 PMWF-COL Markham Waxers - White0-3North London Nationals
CHMPHLP151:45 PMWF-TONY North London Nationals A62-3West London Hawks C6
CHMPHLMB72:00 PMWF-CITY North London Nationals 271-2North London Nationals 17
CHMPHLB132:15 PMWF-HANS London Bandits C83-2West London Hawks A8
CHMPMDMM152:30 PMWF-COL Brantford 99ers1-4Sarnia Jr Sting
CHMPMDMB122:45 PMWF-TONY Halton Hills Thunder0-7Waterloo Wolves Black
CHMPMDB153:00 PMWF-CITY Barrie Colts3-1Hamilton Huskies
CHMPHLMM153:30 PMWF-COL Oakridge Aeros 291-3Walden IDA Jets
CHMPHLM124:30 PMWF-COL Richmond Hill #12-1North London Nationals C9
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