Practice Ice Allocation (North London Nationals Hockey)


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Practice Ice Allocation

Each level is allocated an amount of practice ice through the NLSA that is broken into a yearly allotment allocated on a weekly basis.  These times are averages and teams may receive slightly more than average early in the season, before their regular season has begun, and slightly less than average during the busy weeks of the year.  This allocation for practices is as follows:

  • MD –  1 hour / week
  • House League –  1 hour / week

Any additional ice to this allocation is the responsibility of the team to secure through other sources (E.g. City of London, NLSA, etc.).

Should there be an issue of double booking practice ice the North London Nationals Calendar will be considered correct.  Also, should there be a double booking where a game is scheduled at the same time as a practice is, then the game, regardless of level of hockey, takes priority over any practice.

**Note:  Any team that has a conflict with their scheduled NLSA Practice Ice must contact the NLSA Ice Convenor.   They are not allowed to trade this ice with any other team without involving the NLSA Ice Convenor.  You may see on your schedule you have a game and a practice at the same date and time.  The NLSA Ice Convenor may have already assigned that practice ice to another team and the calendar has not been updated.  We have had situations where one team was given or traded NLSA practice ice with another team and the NLSA Ice Convenor has actually assigned this ice to another team.  Teams are free to do what they wish with any ice that has been purchased outside of the NLSA by their team.