What is a Parent Rep? (North London Nationals Hockey)


PrintWhat is a Parent Rep?


North London Sports Association (NLSA)

Role and Responsibilities of a Team Parent Representative


1.       You are a neutral liaison between team parent(s), Coaching staff and NLSA.  To assist in resolving team disputes and concerns. Listen, understand and document the information of concern or complaint from parent(s).  Remain impartial and don’t voice your opinions.


2.       Ensure parents know process for matters relating to hockey.  If it is a complaint regarding Abuse, Harassment or Bullying follow the Complaint/Appeal process on the NLSA website.  If at any time, you are unsure of how to handle the situation bring it to the attention of House League(HL) Division Convenor or Director of Minor Development(MD) for assistance and guidance.

Parent Concern or Complaint Process


3.       Be a good role model for your team’s parents.


4.       Attend all your team parent meetings.  The Parent Rep will be a member of the Parent Committee and attend such meetings as required (Scheduled twice per year October and February)


5.       Be familiar with:

a.       Alliance Harassment, Abuse and Misconduct Policy

b.       NLSA Complaint/Appeal Procedure and Process

c.       NLSA Code of Conducts for Player, Parent and Team Personnel

d.       NLSA Team Information Manuals

e.       City of London RZONE Policy


6.       Document and communicate concern or complaints to NLSA Board of Directors.


7.       Recommend changes to the NLSA Board of Directors that will improve Player, Parent, Coaching Staff, NLSA relations in the future.


8.       Promote to all parents the Coaches Evaluation surveys.