Referee Procedures (North London Nationals Hockey)


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Referee Procedures


Please verify you home game schedule has been uploaded correctly to the London Referees scheduling website.

Quick Link :

If the game appears on the schedule, it has been scheduled.

Your Team's Manger should check 4-5 days before the game  (**very important for rescheduled games)

If a game is missing, please email   [email protected]

Home Games:
1. Check that the game officials have arrived by knocking on the door of the Referee's dressing room 30 minutes before game
2. If no Officials, Call LRG Assignor #2:

Who to call 1st ?
1st call  Assignor #2   519-868-9449         [email protected]
2nd call Assignor #1   519-871-9449         [email protected]

*If no answer, call the other Assignor right away, next call LRG President at 519-318-7504. 
**30 minutes allow enough time for LRG to get Officials to your arena

Exhibition Games:
It is normally the Home Team’s responsibility to book and pay referees for exhibition games.  Please send an email to [email protected] to book referees in London.   Please include in your email the:  Game Type, Period Lengths, Teams Participating, Division, Date, Time and Location. (e.g.  Exhibition game 10-10-15, North London National Atom A vs. Oakridge Atom A, Sun Sep 11, 2011, 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM, Argyle Arena Pad A)
Referees must be paid in cash prior to the start of the exhibition game.  Check the Alliance Handbook for the current Referee Fee Schedule depending on the Officiating System that will be used for the game.

Last Minute Cancellations:  i.e. weather;   Call the LRG Assignor asap:  519-871-9449 

Referee Injuries:
It is the responsibility of the Home team Trainers to render first aid to a referee. Your assistance is appreciated.

Issue & Feedback
Any game issues procedure: Go through your HL or MD Rep, via email
Rule questions, concerns etc.
Positive feedback is also of value.

[email protected]