Arena Facility Rules (North London Nationals Hockey)


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Arena Facility Rules

  1. Hockey Canada Insurance is only applicable with the proper supervision of players.
  2. Games and Practices – The ice-surface is to remain clear of pucks and participants until the Zamboni Doors are fully closed.  If participants are on the bench area while the ice is being resurfaced they must be supervised by a certified coaching staff member.
  3. Practices –  A Certified Coach must be on the ice prior to players entering the ice-surface.   
  4. Coaches must ensure that all bench and ice surface doors are closed during practices.
  5. You must have a certified coach on the ice surface for all practices and scrimmages.
  6. Mandatory requirement that all On Ice Helpers/Coaches or Outside Instructors (TPH, BK, etc.) must wear a CSA approved helmet with the chin strap done up under the chin.
  7. Only Registered North Players are allowed on the ice unless they are a On-Ice Helper.
  8. No younger siblings are allowed on practice ice or bench.
  9. Registered North Players Must ALWAYS be in full hockey equipment including neck guard when on the ice.  Players are to be removed from the ice or not allowed on ice until they comply.
  10. All injured players returning to practice or game Must ALWAYS be in full hockey equipment including neck guard when on the ice.  
  11. Injured players are not allowed on the bench during games or scrimmages.  
  12. During tryouts and /or practices you MUST always run 10-15 minutes of drills before having any scrimmage or game.   Non-compliance requires you to book and pay for official referees.
  13. Teams are NOT ALLOWED to have parent/siblings vs. player’s scrimmages or games on North London ice.