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Police Checks - Police Vulnerable Screening Check (PVSC)


Effective as of the 2017/18 Hockey Season, the NLSA requires every three years years that Police Vulnerable Screening Check (PVSC) must be competed for any person affiliated with a NLSA team that may possibly be in an unsupervised setting with one of the players.  Also, a yearly Criminal Declaration form is required for the volunteer to remain approved by NLSA.  This NLSA requirement is for teams Minor Novice and above.  This must include, but is not limited to all Coaches, Trainer, Dressing Room Supervisors (see below OHF Two Deep Dressing Room Policy), etc. 

All teams must forward the a list of any Volunteers who need to be approved by NLSA Director Risk Management.   The NLSA Director, Risk Management will notify each team official who requires a Police Vulnerable Screening Check (PVSC) for the current hockey season.  Once the PVSC is completed by Police, the original copy with the emboss seal of the completed PVSC results can be dropped off in the black NLSA Administration dropbox at Carling arena for review and approval.   The PVSC results will be returned to the Volunteer, as NLSA does not retain any of this personal information once the approved PVSC has been entered into the Volunteers Hockey Canada profile.

How to get your Police Check in London?

Police Vulnerable Screening checks are completed by the Police Agency that has jurisdiction over where the Volunteer resides.  If you reside in London, you are 21 or older and have an established credit history in Canada, you may submit your record check request ON-LINE from the comfort of your home, 24/7, including payment and electronic ID verification.  

The link to the LPS on-line Police Checks: www.policesolutions.ca/checks/services/london/

Completed record checks will be mailed to your home address.  The London Police Service website has Police Checks FAQs, forms, requirements and the NEW Online Process.  The cost for Volunteer Police Vulnerable Screening Check (PVSC) in person is $15.00 and the online cost is $16.29.

You will have to attend London Police Service in person; if you under 21 years of age,  your identity could not be verified using established credit history online or your required to submit fingerprints.  If you are required to attend in person applicants 
are required to have 2 pieces of government issued identification; one MUST have your full name, date of birth, photo and signature.  Applicants must also provide proof of their London address (ie Drivers License, current utility bill, student report card or current lease agreement).  

Volunteer applicants that need to attend London Police Service in person must also provide a signed NLSA Volunteer Letter to receive the reduced volunteer processing fee and not pay for fingerprinting.  Contact NLSA Director, Risk Management to get a signed NLSA Volunteer Letter.