Coach Mentorship Program (North London Nationals Hockey)


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The purpose of the Coach Mentorship Program is to provide all coaches with the resources and support necessary to further develop their skills as minor hockey coaches.

All coaches within the North London Nationals Hockey Association will have access to a designated Coach Mentor capable of providing the skills, knowledge, and support that may be required to help improve their coaching performance.

It will be the goal of the Coach Mentorship Program to help strengthen our coaching body and foster an improved level of camaraderie between all of our minor hockey coaches.


What is mentorship and what does it involve?

Mentoring is not a new idea nor is it complicated in its basic form. More experienced coaches (mentors) work with beginner or less experienced coaches, providing feedback and encouragement in supporting the development of these coaches. This will ultimately result in improved player development.

Mentorship is an ongoing, trusting, personal relationship between a guide (mentor) and a coach. Through directed learning activities and self-discovery, a coach, with the support of a mentor coach, can confidently deal with the many challenges of the coaching environment. This mentoring process will enable the coach to become more successful in all aspects of coaching.


Involves providing coaches a secondary and continuous source of coaching education and support.

Provides players with more knowledgeable coaches further enhancing player enjoyment of the game.

Provides coaches with the opportunity for personal growth and development.


Through the Coach Mentorship Program, each coach requesting to be part of the Program will have an assigned Mentor to work with and correspond throughout the hockey season.  We will start with one mentor and if more are warranted we will find more.

Coach Mentors will be responsible for scheduling appropriate meeting times and dates with all of their assigned coaches. Duties of the Coach Mentors will include being a reliable source of support and guidance for their coaches. Mentors will have the freedom to work with their assigned coaches on a mutually agreed schedule that works for all parties involved.


Mentors will contact each of their coaches 1-2 times a month.

Mentors will be a valuable source of information to their coaches and will share whatever resources they can to help in the development of their coach.

When requested to, Mentors can assist the head coach with the planning of team practices.

Mentors will do their best to be available by phone and/or email to their coaches.

To get involved in the Coach Mentor program please contact the Director of Hockey Development.