Procedure & Form (North London Nationals Hockey)


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Complaint/Appeal Process

Individuals that wish to file a complaint or appeal a decision by the North London Sports Association (NLSA) Executive, Councils or other Appointed Committee(s) use the form below.

All Complaints and Appeals must be heard in the following order;
1. Home Association or Mustangs Committee (NLSA Disciplinary Committee)
if appealed;
2. Home Association (NLSA President)
4. Alliance Hockey
5. Ontario Hockey Federation
6. Hockey Canada

Each process outside of your home association has it's own intake forms and fee structure for appeals.

Time Allowed for an appeal:
An appeal must be filled within seven (7) days of receipt of oral or written notice of a decision by the NLSA, its President or any committee including the Officers and members of the Executive or Appointed Committees.

Complaint Procedure:

1.  Individual completes form and forwards to the President or Vice-President. Additional information may be requested or supplied when required.

2.  The President forms the Disciplinary Committee, reviews the form with the Chair to ensure that appropriate information has been completed. The President has no further involvement with the Disciplinary Committee hearing the complaint, they need to remain neutral until the completion as they may have to hear this complaint under appeal.  

3.  Chair of the Disciplinary Committee contacts the NLSA President to ensure that all proper protocols have been followed.

4.  Chair Disciplinary Committee coordinates details relating to hearing (i.e. time, date, location, etc.). Informs individuals of hearing details (in writing).

5.  Chair of the Disciplinary Committee informs all involved of the decision of the Committee and appeal process.