Game Sheet Submission (North London Nationals Hockey)


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  • The game may not start until the game sheet is fully completed and approved by the referee.
  • The game sheet must be completed by the Home team and given to the Visiting team no less than 15 minutes prior to game time.
  • Game sheet copies are to be distributed to each teams’ coach immediately following the game by the timekeeper.
  • The top white copy of the game sheet must be deposited in the GLHA box at the arena immediately after the game has been played, except when necessary for the game officials to file a game report. It is the responsibility of the Timekeeper to make sure the top white copy is put into the box.
  • All tournament game sheets together with a summary sheet are to be put in the game sheet box within 48 hours after completion of tournament or the coach may be suspended, at the discretion of the GLHA Disciplinary Committee, until they are received.
  • All Exhibition and Away (non-local) games need to be photocopied and submitted into the game sheet box within 48 hours after the completion of the game.
  • A certified Trainer must be on the game sheet. Failure to have a certified Trainer on the game sheet will result in a suspension to both Head Coaches and the game replayed.
  • All penalties must appear on game sheet.
  • Head coach is responsible for players/coaches to sit out suspension(s) as per OHF minimum suspension list or additional suspensions could be given by GLHA. Suspensions must be listed on game sheets.
  • It is recommended that coaches keep copies of game sheets for their records until the end of the season.


Game Location

Game Sheet Responsibilities


Home timekeeper to distribute


Photocopy game sheet and put into box with 48 hrs


Complete summary, photocopy game sheets, staples as a package and put into box with 48 hrs