Game Sheet Labels (North London Nationals Hockey)


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How to Create Hockey Game Sheet Labels


Listed below are the steps to create a sheet of 10 team labels with Microsoft Word. 


Note:  The following instruction could vary depending on your version of Microsoft Word or settings.


  • Open the game sheet label template word document
  • Enter the players jersey numbers and name not changing the font and spacing
  •  Save document
  • Highlight  the entire documents text
  • Select – “Mailings” then “Labels”
  •  Select – “Options” Avery 5163 label (white mailing labels) or Avery 5663 label (transparent), then press “OK”
  • Select – “New Document” 10 label sheet will be shown with some of your players
  • Highlight the complete 10 label document text
  •  Under the “Layout” Tab select “Text Direction” that should rotate the text 90 degrees and make all players visible
  • Save the document
  •  Print the document on blank paper and overlay it on a game sheet to verify the spacing as not all printers spacing is exactly the same.
  •  You can make changes to this document, but you are required to change all 10 labels.
  • You may have to create a second document if the coach uses different captains for home and away jerseys.
  •  Transparent Labels take longer to dry before using them
  • You can make the labels fancy by adding the North Logo depending on the quality of your printer

Microsoft Word Documents:

Game Sheet Labels Template

Sample Print Game Sheet Labels