Code of Acceptable Online Behaviour (North London Nationals Hockey)


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Never treat someone online in a way that you wouldn’t feel comfortable doing face to face. As a team and minor hockey association, we will not tolerate negative treatment of others, especially online.

Participants are asked to respect that the dressing room and bus are a time to spend with their teammates – use of mobile devices that isolate you from this interaction are not recommended – any uncertainty regarding this area should be discussed with your coach.

Similarly, the dressing room and any off-ice training venue are team-specific. Devices that take the focus of an athlete away from the task at hand are NOT allowed.

Never share your passwords with anyone other than a trusted adult.

Never share your cellphone numbers or email addresses unless you know and trust the person.

Never share your personal information or photos in a chat room.

Never post, email or forward naked photos of yourself – or anyone else – to anyone.

Always stand up to bullying behaviour you see online

Always talk to a trusted adult about your online relationships and what you see online. If you are being cyberbullied or concerned that someone else is, you don’t have to deal with it alone.

Always protect yourself. If you think you or someone else is being harassed or threatened, make a copy of the message before you delete it. Internet service providers, cell phone service providers, and social networking websites like Facebook have terms of use that forbid bullying, harassing, malicious or illegal behaviour. Contact them so they can investigate the issue or remove the offending material.

 Approach the police when physical threats are involved or a crime has possibly been committed.