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Jan 31, 2024 | Andrea Maillet | 1057 views
Dressing Room Policy
Effective Thursday February 1st, 2024 the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) is rolling out the new, updated Dressing Room Policy to its membership, including the Alliance, GLHA and North London Hockey.

The main changes to this updated policy is the MINIMUM ATTIRE/BASE LAYER guidance.

North London Hockey is running mandatory coaches meetings this week to provide guidance, answer questions and help ensure this new policy is best understood and communicated to all registrants. 

In addition, we are providing OHF documents to help answer some of your questions. 
Dressing room policy 
FAQ document

We understand that there will be questions and confusion as there often is with new initiatives. However, we want our programs to continue to be inclusive and welcoming and be aligned to the needs of all participating families.

Why is Ontario Hockey and Hockey Canada updating it's dressing room policy?
The dressing room policy is focused on enhancing inclusion and safety for all participants on any team or officiating team across the province. Dressing rooms are designated team spaces for all team participants to use and interact in a welcoming, equitable, inclusive and safe basis. In addition, to minimize occurrences of maltreatment, bullying and harassment in the dressing room these spaces now come with minimum attire and supervision requirements and a requirement to accommodate individuals if they require additional measures or supports.

What does minimum attire/base layer mean?
Minimum attire covers from the upper thigh to the shoulder area. The minimum attire rule ensures there is no nudity in the dressing room. A base layer is intended to cover an individual's pelvic region and torso. The baseline level of attire in the common area of dressing rooms should be the minimum standard of what would be acceptable in a public area of the arena. 

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