Initiation Welcome Ice, U7 (Initiation Program) (North London Nationals Hockey)


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Welcome to the 2023-2024 North London Nationals U7/IP program, we are excited to get started! The season begins in late September at Carling Arena with assessment skates.



All players must be registered with North London prior to stepping on the ice.  Information about registration can be found here


One parent/guardian from the family must complete the “Respect in Sports - Parents” online program prior to the evaluation skate. Instructions can be found here.

Assessment Skates

The first four ice sessions of the program are for assessment purposes. Skaters are divided into three groups by age. Skaters will be given a white or blue numbered jersey when they arrive to the first assessment skate.  This jersey is to be kept for the assessment period and returned after the assessment skates. 

Players are responsible to bring their own hockey socks for the first four skates and be fully dressed in Hockey Canada/Alliance Hockey approved hockey gear. (Please note, a mouth guard is recommended, but not required.) 

Once the assessments are complete, skaters will be separated into three groups for the remainder of the season; known as red, blue and white group.  

Early in the season we will assign Timbits jerseys and hockey socks, which work out to four different coloured 'teams' per group. White and blue assessment jerseys are exchanged for Timbit's coloured jerseys and hockey socks at this point. 


Assessment Ice Times:

** Due to the large number of players, it is essential that players only attend the times designated for them. **

Note: Each group's ice times rotate each day.

As always, the schedule is subject to change.  Please always refer to the North London Nationals U7/IP website calendar:


Saturday September 23rd 2023 Carling Arena, Pad A

·         8:00am-8:50am: Assessment Group 2:  DOB: November 1st 2017 – September 30th 2018

·         9:00am-9:50am: Assessment Group 1: DOB: January 1st 2017 - October 31st 2017

·         10:00am-10:50pm: Assessment Group 3: DOB: October 1st 2018 - December 31st 2020 


Sunday September 24th 2023 Carling Arena, Pad A

·         8:00am-8:50am: Assessment Group 1: DOB: January 1st 2017 - October 31st 2017 

·         9:00am-9:50am: Assessment Group 2: DOB: November 1st 2017 – September 30th 2018

·         10:00am-10:50pm: Assessment Group 3: DOB: October 1st 2018 - December 31st 2020




Season Outlook


After assessment skates, a typical season runs from early October to late March.  Expect two, 50-minute ice times per week on Saturday and Sunday mornings at Carling Arena. Although we don’t have a firm schedule yet, start times have historically been 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am. All U7 groups rotate to a different ice time every week. A few weekend ice times may be rescheduled to weeknights to accommodate local tournaments that need weekend ice. 



Lead Coaches and On-Ice Helpers Needed

North London Nationals Minor Hockey Association depends on volunteers to operate a successful minor hockey program. If you are interested in helping out on the ice as a Lead Coach or an On-ice Helper, please send an e-mail to the U7/IP Convenor at  [email protected] and include your child's name.