Respect In Sports Parent Program (North London Nationals Hockey)

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Respect in Sport Parent Program

Committed to creating a positive hockey experience for all, ALLIANCE Hockey is pleased to provide this convenient online course for hockey parents.

This one hour online program is designed to reinforce a parent’s role in a child’s activities, encouraging positive sport behaviours, and empowers parents to ensure the safety of their children, encourage positive and effective communication, and to enhance a child's fun and camaraderie of the activity. We are committed to the positive impact this program will have on our game and encourage as many parents as possible to take the time to complete the online program.

NOTE: The online “Respect in Sport - Parent Program” is different from the “Respect in Sport - Activity Leaders Program” which is equivalent to the Speak Out Program.

User Instructions for Respect in Sport Parent Program

The following brief instructions are provided to assist with accessing and advancing through the Respect in Sport – Parent Program.


Registering for Respect in Sport-Parent program:


  • Click on the link displayed above to access the program. By default the system will load in English. Click the word “Français” to translate the page.
  • Select “Register a New User” Any field with a “?” in a circle beside the red X has a tool tip.
  • If you run your mouse over the tool tip, more information about that field will be displayed. Create a username and password for yourself to enter in the appropriate fields.
  • Respect Group Inc. recommends using an email as a username as this is generally unique to an individual and not easily forgotten.
  • Complete all fields. Any fields identified with a red X is a mandatory field and must be completed. Other fields are considered optional but are requested by your organization.
  • Review and accept the Respect Group Inc. privacy policy. Click Submit at the bottom of the page, and you will be asked to associate your children to your profile.
  • This is very important and is required for proper recognition of program completion.
  • Once you have added your children click “No Children to Add” A new page will open to enter the PayPal payment information. You will then be directed into the program. Click on your language button of choice to access the program content.
  • Enjoy the Respect in Sport Parent program.

Re-accessing Respect in Sport

  • Click on the link displayed above to access the program. By default the system will load in English. Click the word “Français” to translate the page if necessary.
  • Enter the username and password you entered while registering for the program.
  • The completed lessons will be indicated with a checkmark; you can then continue to the next uncompleted lesson.
  • You can re-access any completed lessons and handouts.