2020/21 MD Head Coach Application (North London Nationals Hockey)

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    All applications will be reviewed. Not all applicants will receive an interview. Successful applicants will be notified by phone and posted on the website.

    Successful applicants will be expected to cooperate with and recognize themselves as an extension of the Board of Directors.

    The intent of the program is to put the best available coaches on the ice with the players. A coach may be removed from his/her position at any time if it is determined they are not meeting the expectations of the Board of Directors.

    Completed application forms will automatically be emailed to the VP of Hockey Operations.

    Thank you for considering coaching for the North London Nationals
Personal Information
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Team(s) Applying for

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  2. 1 being top player, 17 being bottom player
Coaching Experience:
Please provide us an overview of your hockey coaching experience.
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  2. Include Season, Team and Association/Level and Role
  3. What is your philosophy on coaching Minor Hockey?
Please provide coaching and character references.
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Any additional comments that you feel we should know.
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