Team Fundraising, Team Finance, HL Coaches Manual (North London Nationals Hockey)

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This guideline has been adopted by the NLSA;


  1. Fundraising in the City of London is NOT permitted without completing the Fundraising Approval Form located on the NLSA website.
  2. Advertising and Promotional materials must not mention or refer to NLSA, Minor Hockey or Sponsors without written consent from NLSA.  A team’s name may be used, such as “North London Nationals Atom HL A6 Hockey Team”.
  3. Fundraising projects must not compete with existing NLSA and/or Volunteer Parent areas of fundraising.
  4. Sale of equipment owned by NLSA is prohibited.
  5. Raffles of any type are prohibited as a fundraising initiative.
  6. Alcohol sales or “baskets raffles” cannot be used as a fundraiser


In an effort to co-ordinate and rationalize fundraising endeavours and to get maximum results from such projects, NLSA scrutinizes and approves all fundraisers.  This is done to ensure that the costs of playing hockey.

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