Code of Conduct, Operating Policies & Procedures, HL Coaches Manual (North London Nationals Hockey)

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NLSA supports the Code of Conduct initiative agreed to at registration.  Players, parents and other spectators are expected to enjoy the game of hockey with the usual cheering for all participants.  Becoming emotionally involved with referees, coaches, managers and opposing players and parents is not acceptable behaviour.  Parents, should be a positive factor in the enjoyment of the game.  


All persons attending games or practices as spectators are expected to behave in a responsible manner.  The CHL Representative, Board Members, Referees and/or Arena Attendant may require persons to leave an arena area for any of the following conduct:


1.    swearing, offensive and foul language

2.    excessive taunting or inciting players

3.    excessive verbal abuse of game officials, players, coaches, or other spectators.

4.    fighting or other disorderly conduct


Persons may also be refused admittance to future games or practices as determined by the NLSA Board and City of London RZone, subject to the right of Appeal pursuant to the Grievances and Appeals procedure in the NLSA Constitutional By-law.


Code of Conducts for Parents, Players, and Team Personnel can be found on the NLSA website and are agreed to as part of the registration process.

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