Affiliated Players, Team Structure, HL Coaches Manual (North London Nationals Hockey)

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Rule 26: Affiliated Player Rule

1.    Affiliated players must be listed on an approved A/P form and submitted to the associations’ division convener and their CHL representative

2.    It is the responsibility of each association to track their A/P players and submit A/P usage at the monthly CHL meeting.

3.    A coach may call on an Affiliated player which can only be used to replace rostered players and only to a maximum of 10 skaters The affiliated goalie may only play in the case of an injury/illness of the regular goalie or in a case where the regular goalie is unable to attend the scheduled game.

4.    Affiliated players can only be drawn from the division immediately below within your own association. Exceptions can be made only with CHL approval.

5.    Skaters can only A/P to one CHL team.

6.    To call up an affiliated player, a coach must contact and obtain permission from:

a.    the association convenor

b.    the player’s coach

c.     the player’s parent

7.    A coach must give permission unless:

a.    there are conflicting games

b.    there is less than three hours between games

c.     there are previously scheduled tournaments and or exhibition games

8.    The Affiliated player must be identified as such on the travel permit and or game sheets

9.    If both the AP and the team player that was to be replaced both show up for a game it will be the 'AP' that dresses to play and the "unexpected" player will sit out.  Any team using an 'AP' cannot exceed 10 skaters.

10.  Infraction of this rule will have the player removed from all CHL A/P lists and the offending coach will be suspended for one game with the game being re-scheduled within six days at the offending team's cost.

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