Team Budget, Team Finance, HL Coaches Manual (North London Nationals Hockey)

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Each team is responsible for its own operating budget during the season. The costs to run a team can be quite substantial and include such items as tournament entry fees, lodging, postage, stationery, telephone long distance charges, travel allowance, bus travel, etc.


In order to keep these costs under control we will only allow a maximum budget of $5,000.00.  Any budgets exceeding $5,000.00 will need to be approved by the House League Team Management Committee.  Players are not allowed to pay fees (up-charges, team fees and uniform) greater than $300 to play on a House League team.   


Budgets are voted on by the parents. A majority vote constitutes passing of the proposed budget. Once the budget is approved, it is the parents’ responsibility to uphold the financial requirements as set down in the budget.  Teams are required to report their budget to the CHL Representative within 2 weeks of choosing the team.


Bank accounts in the name of the team shall be established at the beginning of the season. These accounts must have a minimum of two (2)-signing officers for each team.
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