Coach Selection, Team Structure, HL Coaches Manual (North London Nationals Hockey)

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Coach selection begins in the fall and is undertaken by the House League Management Committee.  The selection process tends to unfold rather than follow a prescribed formula.  A consensus-building format is used but voting takes place when necessary.  It is a time-consuming endeavor with most committee members spending several hours per team, between reviewing applications and annual surveys, phone calls, e-mails, interviews and meetings.  There are many factors that enter the decision-making process.  Some are outlined below.


All coaches must apply. There are no guaranteed positions.  This does not mean however, that all coaches are automatically dismissed.  Our coaches, trainers and managers are a very dedicated group of volunteers and they must be treated with respect.  If a coach is doing a good job, removing them and replacing them with a new coach would be of little benefit to the Association.  Regardless, there is usually turnover and promotions to some who have coached lower levels in previous seasons.


Like any selection process, subjectivity is involved.  However, the Committee places the greatest emphasis on the applicant’s qualifications as both a coach and mentor, and also on his or her ability and desire to promote and implement the goals of the Association. 


A coach or entire staff is not precluded from moving up an age division and/or category from one year to the next.  As well, a coach is not excluded because they are a parent. Of concern to the Committee though, is the evaluation of a coach that has children playing on the team being applied for.  To prevent any real or perceived conflicts of interest, prior to the approval of such a coaching staff, every effort is made to ensure that the parents’ children have both the ability and desire to play on the respective team.


All members of a coaching staff (head coach, assistant coaches, trainer, and manager) must be approved by the NLSA Board.

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